Role of M2M connectivity in Telematics

M2M SIM in Telematics is the connectivity for real-time fleet management and data packed intelligence for businesses

Real-time tracking and monitoring solutions are the most important parameters impacting the various segments with a plethora of benefits accrued to it. IoT M2M services play a significant role in reducing loss and theft of assets, save money, improve operational efficiencies, and even create new business opportunities based on the data packed intelligence, robust ROI and increased productivity.

Sensorise QoSim is an embedded SIM (eSIM), engineered with innovation to hold multiple subscriptions on the same SIM card. This eSIM is available in all standard ETSI defined form factors and grades – Pluggable SIM, Embedded SIM, WLCSP and in Consumer, Industrial, and Automotive grades. We offer an array of IoT M2M services with multiple benefits to deliver complete peace of mind.



  • Multi-profile eSIM with a capability to remotely manage more than 1 profile/ add new profile
  • Choice of telecom partner – single eSIM for more than one network
  • Choice of device & technology – we certify all devices
  • Annual Rental Plan (ARP) subscription with bootstrap (testing) and commercial set up
  • Remote switching to another network on demand using Sensorise platform
  • Easy and economical recharge/ renewal packages
  • No expense of eSIM replacement  – same SIM can be activated remotely anytime, anywhere, without any physical intervention
  • National and International subscriptions available – use the same eSIM in India and outside India. Different subscription can be remotely downloaded on the eSIM
  • Intelligence -packed platform SenseLCM for management of product lifecycle, fetching real-time data from the common service layer for all the subscriptions, services, data analytics, diagnostics, reports etc.
  • Managed eKYC services with platform, app and manpower support for handling the bulk KYC data screening and validation
  • Dedicated account manager as your point of contact for quick assistanc
Role of M2M connectivity in Telematics


  • Security-by-design
  • Remote access & diagnosis
  • Fleet tracking
  • Asset monitoring
  • Driver behaviour
  • Vehicle health status
  • Insurance telematics
  • New business avenues with granular insights
  • Safety and compliance
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Predictive analysis for survey and checks
  • Operational efficiency
  • Time management
  • Efficiency of workforce
  • Building data intelligence
  • Emergency alerts & notifications

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M2M/ IoT eSIM connectivity

Sensorise is a market leader in M2M/ IoT Services,  supplying end-to-end solutions in Remote and Lifecycle Management of  M2M SIMs and IoT Devices.
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