Projects and Integration delivered with Quality

The world is not like Lego™

There are very few times when two systems, disregarding how simple they are works together. There is a general tendency of enterprises to select best of breed systems and solutions. These systems often address a use-case or two and often get disparate and standalone if not implemented well and not integrated to specifications. There are also regulatory, compliance, business, customer expectations and other considerations which add an additional layer of complexity. Implementations are best done from a futuristic perspective so that there is re-use, reduction in complexity, Reduction in time to market and easy on operations cost. Its therefore an imperative to have a strong base-line so that its value adding to the business’ and easy for consumers to consume. Hence understanding the ecosystem and the value a solution enables is of importance.

Our approach encompasses Consulting, implementation, and integration to project management of the solutions.

Feasibility & Customer value

  • Finding the actual customer value

In today’s competitive landscape it is not sufficient to fulfill the needs of a consumer alone but also includes the value that the consumer is deriving from the use of the said service. The entire implementation is a journey that culminates into a milestone – a Happy customer. It is critical the integrated solution focuses on the end customers actual value perceived, which we attempt to address with SenseExecute.

  • Assessing the cost in time and money

A strong business case and a measurement framework for value delivered are vital to any project today. Enterprises tread carefully on investments and Capex investments are approved very judiciously if there is a clear indication of cost in time and money denominations. Our consulting offering in SenseExecute includes elaborate business case preparations so that seeking boardroom approvals becomes easy and there is a legitimate and outcome based definition to the project.

Integration & Time lines

Delivering a large project in Agile increments using Scrum Methodology is very meaningful is todays Digital Context – Gone are the days when a project could take a long time to be developed and launched into market. With a combined experience of Team Sensorise we have the wherewithall to divide a project into multiple drops such that Enterprises/Customers can get early visibility into the implementation and redefine the strategy if need be. An agile methodology ensures delivery of a larger project into smaller manageable projects and ensures features can be delivered on time. Since the business gets involved they get an early visibility into the solution being developed so that any course correction is done early in the life cycle.

  • Integration and project time
  • Ensure features on time
  • Soft release vs Hard delays

Project & Quality

Perfect project is delivered on time, on budget with expected features

  • SenseXecute: Prince 2, extended with 60+ years of project experience.
  • Reporting and monitoring predictably identify risks and mitigating the risks to ensure a seamless delivery
  • Risk management with relevant stake holders
  • Monetary cost is not everything – getting value delivered out of cost expended is the key which we strive to deliver to our customers as part of SenseXecute

Our certified processes based on PRINCE2 and over 60+ years of combined service experience of Team Sensorise are reflected in the projects we execute. Strategic alliances with leading technology players in our domain further enable us to deliver cost-effective integration services that are not only steady, scalable, smart, and innovative but also result oriented. We adopt a pure-play system Integrator approach, we deliver the best of breed solutions to customers with our vendor agnostic approach.