Training of ITS Officers organized by Sensorise for NTIPRIT

Sensorise Digital Services conducts training within the India Telecom government departments from time to time. On 13th July 2020, one such training was organized for the Indian Telecom Services (ITS) Officers of National Telecommunications Institute for Policy Research, Innovation & Training (NTIPRIT), which was set up in the year 2010, as National Telecom Academy, the Telecom training Institute of Department of Telecommunications (DoT). This time due to the pandemic the training was organized online, with the support of Mr. Deepak Sharma, Director, NTIPRIT and conducted by Mr. Ankit Mahajan, DGM – Technical Operations, Sensorise Digital Services. The program revolved around the ESIM and its Use Cases.

The meeting started on a positive note with cheer and excitement. Ankit interacted with Batch 2018’s trainee officers and explained to them what is IoT, ESIM & M2M, what is the opportunity for IoT in various sectors like, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Security and Transportation. IoT Use Cases, viz. the Connected Grid, Connected Bus, Smart Cities, and Industrial IoT were discussed, capturing the attention of the whole batch.

The discussion further moved to the IoT Security model and the need for End to End Security over the entire framework covering Application Layer Security, Network Security and Device Security with debate on Global Inter-operability and Security Architectures.

Ankit proudly stated that GSMA called M2M ESIM a gamechanger for IoT. The machine solderable, multi-profile, remote provisionable and factory ready M2M SIM that revolutionized the convenience and manageability for the IoT ecosystem. GSMA also acknowledged the role of an M2M Service Provider in its standards, as a Service Provider relying on a Telecom Operator providing the profiles on the UICC / eUICC.

Ankit further elucidated, that under these guidelines, Sensorise commenced its operations as a role model M2M Service Provider, providing End to End Solutions for IoT. In fact, Sensorise is credited with bringing the GSMA defined SIM Technology to India with its trademarked QoSim® and SenseLCM®, a complete Life Cycle Management suite which is now being used by more than 100 OEMs, deploying more than 600,000 cards since its inception. Apart from that Sensorise ensured Secure Connectivity and Machine KYC for the Tracking and Traceability of Public Service Vehicles, as per Nirbhaya mandated public safety initiative. Sensorise is also into design, manufacturing, deployment & managed services of Customer Feedback Devices & Portals for the Ministry of Urban Development in the states of Delhi, Haryana, and Kerala. For Delhi Transport Department, Sensorise has provided Secure IMEI locked QoSim® and multi-subscription UICC. Apart from these, Sensorise conceptualized the Child Helpline IoT Device and Backend call-centre infrastructure for Childline India, setup the IoT Experience Centre for the Indian Public Sector Manufacturing giant, ITI Ltd., provided Consulting for Connected Car Launch advisory for a global automotive company and, Machine Learning models for Intelligent Parking.

The discussion on QoSim® created quite an interest among the batch-mates. They were very excited to know about the multi-profile SIM with the capability of remote switching. They wanted to know more about the concept and truly appreciated the model created by Sensorise. They questioned how Sensorise maintains the Quality of Services (QoS) and pricing models for QoSim®. Seeing the interest of the trainees, Mr. Deepak Sharma also asked a very relevant question on how does Sensorise manage multiple subscriptions and, are there any updates required from the device side. Ankit replied that multiple subscriptions are managed by partnering with multiple Telecom partners and switching profiles over the air, whereas for device nothing needs to be done for integration if the device is ETSI compliant as per 1999 release standard, and if not then some workaround needs to be followed for firmware integration. The community also wanted to know, how on a UICC platform a new subscription could be added over-the-air (OTA). All the queries were answered satisfactorily.

On this note, the future officers of the ITS thanked Ankit and requested him to remain in touch to enable them to seek guidance and advice related to the IoT sector. Ankit also, in turn, congratulated them and assured that this batch has the capability, to take the technology to the next level.

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