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Connected car

Connected cars hold the major chunk of ESIM use cases in the global market. In India, besides the AIS-140 mandated emergency button and location tracking applications, Connectivity is now embracing gamut of other solutions offered by ESIMs. As of date, ESIMs can offer infotainment and other analytics solutions like maintaining temperature, fuel level alerts, air-conditioning, speed alerts, battery notifications, security alerts, among other value-added services for a better customer experience.

With the alarming need of safety and security in the transit of goods and people, connectivity has become the need of the hour. The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) introduced the Automotive Industry Standard 140 (AIS-140) for commercial vehicles to enforce location tracking for increased safety.

The standard mandates real-time vehicle tracking, powered by camera surveillance, emergency buttons along with the vehicle health and maintenance monitoring. The capabilities of ESIM with multi-profile, remote, automatic, device assisted network switching has become an important component of Automobile industry for a seamless move towards mobility era.

Physical sims are vulnerable to tampering, thefts and dislocation, whereas Root-of-Trust enabled embedded sim (ESIM) offers dispersed assets, remote management, high Quality of Service enabled M2M connectivity and complete security in the mobility domain. Environmentally robust embedded sims (ESIMs) are tamper-proof, factory ready machine solderable cards with higher resistance levels and an expanded temperature range from -40°C to +105°C, reducing the corrosion and impact caused by vibrations, leading to a longer lifespan. The ESIM lifecycle management portal enables quick access to plan change, activation and related diagnostic functions, making it convenient and cost-effective to manage the services over-the-air from any location. The automatic network switching capability of ESIM ensures critical connectivity during network outages, meeting local connectivity requirements, and monitoring QoS in poor connectivity zones, thus providing seamless connectivity at all times.

As the vehicle connectivity takes the Telematics world by storm, ESIM offers great flexibility to the users to choose among operators, access remote over-the-air connectivity with encrypted communication, adhered to compliances and regulations. ESIMs are emerging as major players in the mobility segment with the rising prominence of vehicle connectivity along with the IoT revolution, thus building intelligent connectivity into connected automobile solutions.

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