SenseLCM Portal​​

Lifecycle Management for Embedded SIM & Subscriptions

SenseLCM Portal​​

Lifecycle Management for Embedded SIM & Subscriptions


SenseLCM - Operator Agnostic Lifecycle Management

SenseLCM is a cloud-based portal that allows users to manage and control QoSim Services from a single platform. It offers a variety of capabilities including ordering, inventory management, lifecycle management, change order management for activation, top-ups, renewals and reactivations. The ESIM connects machine to machine, whereas SenseLCM provides the required operator-agnostic capabilities for the lifecycle Management of M2M SIM, Subscriptions, Profiles and Plans. At Sensorise, our lifecycle solutions cover start to end SIM management activities, making it convenient, cost-effective and accurate.

How It works

Lifecycle Management With SenseLCM

1. Sensorise has deep relationships and integration with its TSP partners for all types of network resources.
2.QoSim is prepared with multiple options of subscriptions and plans as per Customer needs
3. The QoSim production process observes a very strict industry standard security and quality control process implemented commonly between the TSP, the SIM manufacturing facility and Sensorise
4. The distribution of the Sensorise QoSim to customers strictly follows the guidelines and norms setup by the Department of Communications and the regulatory bodies
5. The SIM, Device and Custodian details are maintained in the secure LCM databases as per the requirements of policy, guidelines and standards laid down the respective authorities


Powerful OTA Management Capabilities for IoT Ecosystem​

Self Care

  • Order and Pay
  • Activate / Suspend
  • Single, Bulk Operations
  • Tickets, Service Requests
  • Diagnose over SMS

QoS Capability

  • Remote, Automatic & Device Assisted Subscription Selection
  • Lifecycle Management From Bootstrap To Commercial To EOL


  • Two way 7/8 Bit Messages
  • OTA Capabilities For SIM File Management
  • Locking of QoSim to IMEI
  • OTP Secure Onboarding
    Role based access to
  • Account UI and Features (User, MNO, SIMP type access)

Usage & Reporting

  • Alerts module for suspension & renewal
  • D-1 Usage updates
  • Subscription Status


  • Create Projects, Products, Price
  • Create / Assign Plans And Discounts


  • Full Integration With Open APIs
  • Export XML Tables

KYC & Compliance

  • KYC Application & Portal
  • KYC Verification And Document Handling
  • Device ESIM-Custodian Map
  • Lawful Intercept Interface For LI Agencies

Card Management

  • Manage IMSIs And eIDs
  • Manage SIM Partners And SIM Cards
  • Input / Output File Handling


  • Real time network response (Subscription Details – plan and Validity)
  • Network Profile Type (SMS Status, APN Status, Whitelisting Status )
  • Network Status (Radio Type, Connected MCC MNC Codes, Last USage, timestamp, IMEI, IMEI Detail, DAta and SMS Usage)

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Sensorise is an M2M Service Provider with a practice of supplying end to end solutions in Remote and Lifecycle Management of ESIM and IoT Devices.
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