SenseTouch KYC​​

End to End Solution for secure registration & verification of IoT clients as per KYC norms

SenseTouch KYC​​

End to End Solution for secure registration & verification of IoT clients as per KYC norms

Collect & Manage KYC


There is a need for a new set of know-your-customer norms and processes that can address the remote and dispersed devices and gateways, such that the custodians can be linked, verified and addressed when attempting to establish the identity and ownership of a dispersed connected device.
SenseTouch KYC for machines (KYCM) enables a seamless customer verification and linking machine by collecting, maintaining and managing end customer KYC details. SenseTouch KYC enables formation of  “Custodian – Machine / Device – SIM” triplet using a secure process. These details are collected using a mobile application. The application helps in complying with DoT Guidelines & TRAI Recommendations.

Admin & Customer User Interface for SenseTouch KYC

Machine KYC

Steps For Mapping KYC - Process Flow


Original Equipment (OE) Manufacturers (like Automobile and Electricity meters), Device Manufacturers (OEM), OE and Dealers Point of Sales (PoS) agents onboarded by Sensorise Admin.

Step 1

Machine Onboarding

Sensorise Admin, OE, OEM or Dealer securely uploads machine data. Data can be uploaded using secure REST API or encrypted files using SenseTouch KYC portal.

Step 2

KYC Document Upload

Using the mobile application, PoS Agent can upload all the required KYC  documents and photographs in compliance to DoT's Alternate Digital KYC process dated 3 April 2019.

Step 3

Linking Machine with KYC

Using the mobile application, PoS Agent, after OTP verification from the customer can link customer's KYC with the machine as lawful owner of the machine and connectivity embedded in it.

Step 4

Verification & Completion

Sensorise Admin verifies the KYC documents, machines and embedded connectivity details before connectivity is enabled for the machine.

Step 5

Data Upload

Upload of the information to the Government Portal.

Step 6


Know-Your-Customer for Machines with SenseTouch Features


Web & Mobile App for KYC for Machine as per DoT Alternate Digital KYC process & TRAI Recommendations


All features and reports in SenseTouch are available via REST APIs to enable automation of data exchange between OE CRM system and SenseTouch KYC


Incremental and full reports available in CSV/ Excel formats with complete details of the KYC-M triplet for review as well as integration with OE CRM systems.

SenseTouch Portal

Log in to the portal or download an application from playstore in your Android phone for seamless KYC management.

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