QoSIM Advantages

Provide the best service quality possible

Improving Quality of Service:

  • Select Telcos based on Telecom circle
  • Choose from amongst best-fit plans
  • Automatic selection of Network based on coverage or remote selection based on other criteria
  • Get early warnings on abnormal subscription use

Enable manufacturing and distribution of devices without worrying about subscription or destination location

  • Bootstrap subscription to ensure the device is connected at the first power on
  • Create and download a new mobile subscription with the device still in the field
  • Change mobile subscription at any time during device life-cycle
  • Seamless fall back to a second Telco in case of coverage problems
  • Manage the lifecycle of mobile subscriptions on the UICC

SenseLCM will ensure that subscriptions can be changed in an easy way without having to physically access the device. Further benefits of using the QoSIM compared to a single MNO solution

Data Usage
SenseLCM ensures the quota used is distributed evenly between the multiple subscriptions in order to not run out of quota. Additional capacity automatically charged per MB.
Top up selection based on best price based on time to next cycle and data used. Those that exceed the limit are subject to average costs of 20-30 paise/MB
With automatically switching profile any connectivity gap can be avoided. N/A (Different operator SIM required)
API’s to automatically trigger recovery mode – none Call to customer care 5-15 minutes
Supply chain benefits After factory testing devices remains “active” in a bootstrap mode for up to 6 month without additional cost. Subscription will be billed after initial test.
Total cost from manufacturing test, distribution supply chain, to installation – none Total cost from manufacturing test to installation – 6 months charges (depending on distribution / installation time)

(3 months)

Device is suspended and placed in “active – not billable” state; when unsuspended normal charges resume Device is suspended but remains “active”
Total cost of suspension: 1 month charge Total cost of suspension: 3 months charges