QoSIM Formats and details


QoSIM comes in a variety of form factors to suit different use-cases, and ensure quality of service for the complete life-cycle of the device. Sensorise offers the QoSIM as embedded SIMs, ruggedized cards for industrial use, and standard grade to ensure the best fit for each device type and use-case.

The Embedded SIM (MFF2)

Functionally identical to a traditional slot-in SIM, but miniaturized to be soldered directly to the PCB. This saves space for other components, and also enables the design of a hermetically sealed device (IP67). Being soldered vibrations, dust, and humidity are less of a problem. This also makes it more tamper/theft resistant.

The Industrial grade java SIM (2FF)

Functionally Identical to a traditional slot-in SIM (2FF) , but with thicker pin plating to be able to withstand vibrarions for a long time. Further the processor is molded into the plastic making it more rugged than normal consumer grade cards. Further the industrial grade card deploys a more durable memory that will ensure it can be used throughout the life time of the device it is used in.

The Standard (Consumer) grade java SIM (2FF)

While not being able to withstand the extreme environmental conditions as its cousins, many use-cases does not require this. Our standard grade java SIM still offers the Quality of Service aspects as its bigger brothers, and is suitable for almost any indoor use-case.

Comparison of the Sensorise QoSIM card types:

Formats Standard SIM (2FF) Industrial SIM (2FF) Embedded SIM (MFF2)
SIM type
Type of M2M solutions For most M2M and IoT solutions (consumer or industrial) For industrial solutions under harsh environmental conditions and with devices subject to vibrations For industrial solutions operating under extreme environmental conditions and with devices subject to repeatable vibrations and shocks
Connection to device Standard SIM, as used in GSM phones Ruggedized standard SIM, with thicker pin plating Miniaturized standardized format (TS 102.671)
Chip size 25 x 15 x 0.76 mm 25 x 15 x 0.76 mm 6 x 5 x 0.65 mm
Environmental conditions
Temperature range -25°C – +85°C -40°C – +105°C -40°C – +105°C
Humidity Humid environment Humid environment Extremely humid environment
Corrosion Salt atmosphere Salt atmosphere Salt atmosphere
Vibration Automotive vibration Automotive vibration
Shock Automotive shock
Theft resistant Soldered to PCB
Data retention 10 years   (at 25°C) 10 years (at 50°C) 12 years