Simplifying for MNO’s

Mobile operator towers

Currently the mobile operator must take inputs from the point of sale (PoS) to distribute cards to where it is needed, and, if the inventory gets low, order a new batch of cards. With many vendors there may be many process to follow to keep the data secured, further the delivery times between vendors may vary and a certain PoS may have to wait for delivery depending on the vendor and the logistics process.


Figure 1. Current SIM Ordering and Delivery

For M2M services the OEM would prefer to receive the eUICC at the factory during assembly of the devices. This may work well for some MNOs that have its own distribution network, but MNOs relying on distributers to manage this the timely deliveries required for a factory process are jeopardized.


Figure 2. eUICC for IoT Ordering and Delivery

With SenseLCM the mobile operator can sit back and relax, they still need to import the output files received by SIM vendors, ordering and logistics of the eUICC will be handled by Sensorise.

Further benefits for the MNO

Sensorise buys ranges of IMSIs, and MSISDNs (phone number) are not important for M2M usage, i.e. any unwanted MSISDNs can be provided. Sensorise procures the embedded UICC directly from the SIM vendors. The vendors will use the same process as agreed on with the different collaborating MNOs, or alternatively they can follow CLP.05 – Business Process for Remote SIM Provisioning in M2M version 1.0.

Sensorise manages all the risk for these IMSI, moneywise and regulatory as they will be the owner of these subscriptions. It is the responsibility of Sensorise to verify the customer as per regulation (KYC process). SenseLCM uses Aadhaar for customer verification

All rights to manage the subscription are retained, i.e. to suspend/terminate the subscription should Sensorise or the end-user be misusing the subscription or not pay accordingly.


Figure 1. Service State and Lifecycle Status

There is also the option to restrict these subscriptions to only use a defined set of URL’s. Further, SenseLCM can work with an applet fitted in the eUICC that locks to the device it is inserted to, making it useless to steal.

Business Case for the MNO

Sensorise manages the recharge as any other dealer for pre-paid and as any other customer for post-paid. Since the subscriptions are used for M2M and this is a new market not taking or interfering with the existing market Sensorise will provide a new revenue stream at no marketing cost for the MNO

  • New revenue stream from subscription in a new market area (M2M, IoT)
  • Lower cost of a new subscription, SIM and SIM-logistics removed

Further, with Sensorise procuring the eUICC’s directly, the cost of the physical SIM and the logistics cost of the same is removed.