Simplifying for manufacturers


OEM’s in the IoT market have a difficult time if their services depend on a device that is expected to move around. This means it most probably needs a mobile subscription. While getting a mobile subscription from an MNO is usually easy it is a harder task for an OEM. Ideally during manufacturing no one knows where the device will be sold, and subscriptions etc. can be solved at a later stage. Unfortunately the only way to do this with current SIM cards is to ensure that the PoS, or the user can insert a SIM card into the device. This limits the design of the device, and may also impact the functionality and deployment of the device. Apart from these limitations the OEM also have to consider the coverage of different mobile operators, and may find it limited to a rather expensive subscription in spite of there existing cheaper ones but with limited coverage. To cover all angles, the OEM needs to team up with multiple operators (some may even point to their distributors) for securing connectivity.


Figure 4. SIMs from Multiple Operators

With the eUICC and SenseLCM the process can be changed to better fit the OEM.


Figure 5. eUICC directly to OEM Factory

With SenseLCM the process changes, and Sensorise will directly buy the eUICC from the vendors, this ensures Sensorise can cater to the needs of the OEMs just-in-time requirements. This also makes it possible to quickly create an extra batch if demands require it without thinking which MNO and vendor should be used. The OEM no longer has to worry about location of the device, the device will be activated with a subscription suiting both the device use-case and the location.

Business Case for the OEM

With Sensorise negotiating with multiple mobile operators we can offer the best value plans to the OEM or user. Sensorise have a long relationship with the Indian operators, and have a very good understanding about coverage and other differentiating factors.

  • Best Value Plans
  • Best eUICC Prices

Moving from slot-in SIM cards to eUICC may seem hard, but with Sensorise managing the connectivity, and also having relationships with multiple vendors we can guarantee the best prices. Our customer can benefit from the scale of Sensorise.