Simplifying for the users


Being a user interested in new technology IoT is not an easy field to travel, with it being difficult for small OEM’s to get multiple MNO tie-ups most have opted for the user to select the mobile operator of his/her choice. While this makes it easy for the OEM it puts the strain on the user instead. Selecting between offers and comparing them is a difficult task, and it doesn’t get easier when the exact usage of the device is unknown. While comparing prices is one thing, the other big challenge is to determine which operator has the best coverage for the area where the device will be used. Comparing coverage maps is even more difficult, and may not show the whole truth as the capacity for a certain node is not shown.


Figure 6. User Selection Nightmare

With SenseLCM the user does not have to worry about comparing different plans, Sensorise together with the OEM will ensure that only plans that are suitable for the service are possible. Moreover Sensorise will display all compatible plans in a way that is directly comparable, and the choice to the user should be about how he prefers to pay and how often rather than how much and being agile jumping on current offers.


Figure 7. SenseLCM Guiding the User

SensLCM, knowing which devices the user owns, ensures the best value plan is easy to select and maintain. Should the user move to a different area that has better coverage than with the current MNO, the user could switch without having to visit any PoS, nor fiddle with any SIM card.