QoSim M2M Connectivity​

Telco, Technology and Device Agnostic |
Liberating The M2M Deluge

QoSim M2M Connectivity​

Telco, Technology and Device Agnostic |
Liberating The M2M Deluge

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Multi-Profile M2M SIM with Remote, Automatic, Device Assisted Network Switching


Sensorise has created a powerful IoT M2M SIM based on 3GPP Standards and GSMA Guidelines. The QoSim comes in two variants:

  1. QoSim Assure – High QoS 1, multi-network, remote updatable UICC 2
  2. QoSim Freedom – Multi-profile remote provisionable eUICC 3

A companion  integration guide has been published to assist the device certification program. The factory-ready QoSim is security certified by several SIM manufacturers, and certified to work with more than 50 devices by Automotive Certification agencies such as ICAT 4 and ARAI 5.M

QoSim form factors​

1. QoS: Quality of Service, 2. UICC: Universal Integrated Circuit Card, 3. eUICC: Remote Provisionable UICC, 4. ICAT: International Centre for Automotive Technology,  5. ARAI: Automotive Research Association of India

The QoSim Quality of Service Advantage

QoSim - Quality of Service

Applet Features

QoSim applet

Global Reach

Communications network spanning 196 countries.

To know more about each country, hover over the map above or click on QoSim Globe Network List below.

QoSim Variants


QoSec, Security by Design has the following capabilities –

  • SIM Card as secure element

  • Feature allows the device to encrypt and decrypt data from the pre-personalised keys

  • Different keys for encryption and decryption – solution becomes more robust and resilient

  • Based on AES 128 algorithm

QoSim Secure

SIM Card – QoSim: most reliable M2M SIM Card with smart applet with features listed below –

  • IMEI Locking
    Secure QoSim to ensure that the SIM is only used in the authorised device (Automatic IMEI Locking/Remote IMEI Locking)

  • Subscription
    Connectivity, Data and SMS Capacity from choice of Networksm widest rural coverage.

QoSim Globe

QoSim Globe has all features of QoSim Freedom plus additional capabilities as below –

  • Critical enabled for Make-in-India in 190+ countries and Machine to Machine connectivity access with 2G/3G/4G/NB-IoT data

  • Provides one QoSim for connectivity in India and a choice of International networks for the aftermarket.

  • Facility of one platform, one access, one bill and more than 700 networks.

QoSim - A Sensorise Service

Why Choose QoSim

Award Winning Service

India's leading IoT service provider.
ET Telecom 2020
Best IoT Service Provider
Stevie Bronze 2019
Best Telecom Product

Proven & Reliable

Trusted by more than 50 companies across automotive, logistics and other sectors, connects in excess of half a million M2M devices.


BIS16833 / AIS140 Certified
TEC ESIM IR Compliant
DoT M2M SIM Instructions Compliant

Quality of Service​

Capable of providing multiple subscriptions on the same card, detects network coverage loss and switches to the next subscription, providing uninterrupted connectivity.

Optimizes Cost and Performance​

Can be remotely managed by the SenseLCM® to switch network depending on quota or other rules

Factory Fit​

Offers advantages of factory fitment, automotive grade, small footprint, Telco choice, quality of service, seamless connectivity, embedded crypto capabilities.


Auto-locking to the device restricts un-authorized use in a different device


Diagnostics features help in troubleshooting the connectivity problems.

Form Factors

Available in all standard ETSI defined form factors and grades - Pluggable, Embedded, WLCSP and in Consumer, Industrial, and Automotive grades.

Tamper Resistant

ETSI defined embedded solderable form factory, SQN-8 (UELP, QFN, DFN) according to JEDEC Publication 95 Design Guide 4.8 / ETSI TS 102 671 Rel-9 – MFF2 package layout.

Connection Aware

Multi-operator profiles to maximize the connectivity for all critical services.

Industrial Grade

Environmentally robust SIM cards with higher resistance levels and an expanded temperature range from -40°C to +105°C, reducing the corrosion and impact caused by vibrations, leading to a longer lifespan compared to a consumer conventional SIM card.

Remote Manageable

Provides the facility of downloading the new subscription on the SIM card in the field, Over the Air.

Multi-network profiles

Provides Quality of Service and multiple subscriptions on the same SIM, detecting network coverage loss and automated switching to the next subscription.

Location Aware

Allows tracking the location of the device at any time.

Call drop

Captures location information where network loss is experienced, thereby providing analytics of call drop locations for better network optimization.

Data encryption

Provides security and end to end data encryption.

QoSim Industry Verticals

Specialised industry insights and expertise, helping clients produce forward-thinking strategies.

Proliferator Of M2M Services

More and more users are beginning to realize the benefits of the secure, tamper-proof, and industrial grade QoSim®, as the market for IoT scales beyond Telematics.


Lifecycle Management For SIMs & Subscriptions.

SenseTouch KYC

A web and mobile app for Machine KYC (Know-your-Customer).

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M2M/ IoT eSIM connectivity

Sensorise is a market leader in M2M/ IoT Services,  supplying end-to-end solutions in Remote and Lifecycle Management of  M2M SIMs and IoT Devices.
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