AIS-140 National Tracking Back-end

iCAT certified AIS-140 backend for secure verification, registration and tracking of public service vehicles

AIS-140 backend

Best in Class AIS-140 backend capabilities

  • First systems to be integrated to VAHAN, NIC
  • Compliant to AIS-140, Application Certified for AIS-140 by iCAT
  • Integrated with SMSC from three Telcos – VFI, Airtel, BSNL/MTNL
  • Completely open to AIS-140 Device Partners with 80+ onboarded companies
  • MAP Services compliant to AIS-140 Guidelines & Statutory Orders
  • Back-end for secure verification, registration and tracking of public service vehicles
  • Onboarding with Secure Element Verification
  • Full Workflow for AIS-140 Compliance providing secure Login for RTOs, Certification Authorities, Vehicle OEMs etc

Feature Highlights

  • Administration rights to State Transport Department for efficient and secure management of  VLTD vendors and their Devices. 
  • State Dashboard to check the Status of implementation with a provision to download the pre-defined reports 
  • State level Integration with ERSS, along with complete KYC information from M2M service providers.
  • Real-time tracking of vehicles on Maps ( detailed/ Satellite ) as per Survey of India Guidelines
  • Fully tested and certified process flow and requirements as per MoRTH Guidelines
  • Configurable system to create rules/ alerts as per state specific requirements
  • Advanced Analytic and reporting engine for customised  reports to State Transport department
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