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Sensorise takes active participation in bridging the gaps in standards and policies related to M2M communication and device networking for regulatories in India providing inputs to authorities such as the Telecom Engineering Centre, ITU SG 20, TRAI, Mobile Operators and the Telematics device ecosystems. We ensure that products and services are always standards aware. We are proud to mention that our policies for public sector vehicle tracking & device proliferation have been recognized and adopted by one of the state governments of India. Our expert team leverages industry-specific in-depth knowledge in contributing to drafting standards and policies to build smart cities connected by smarter devices ecosystems.

Sensorise Key Role In Building M2M Compliant India

  • Submitted patent in India, Sweden & US for method, system to control expense, usage of subscriptions to ensure the quality of service
  • Co-authored & submitted an ITU paper based on the application of M2M in vehicle tracking, safety, Conformance, Registration and Transfer
Technical report on Power sector
Technical report on Safety and surveillance
Technical report on M2M gateway
Technical report on smart cities
Technical report on Intelligent transport systems

Helping regulators define Code of Conduct in M2M to build Compliant Ecosystems

Sensorise has co-authored and submitted an ITU paper along with TEC DoT.

Sensorise is an Author/Editor/Contributor to several standardisation and industry initiatives. As an industry leader, we are a key contributor to various global standards forums for development, promotion & standardizing India-specific Telecom/ICT requirements & solutions.
Sensorise is a part of TSDSI Governing Council, the Chair of Outreach Committee and Vice Chair of Study Group Services and Solutions.

  • TRAI Consultation on ‘Spectrum, Roaming and QoS related requirements in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications’
  • Participant at the Telematics Working Group of Niti Aayog in India
  • Invited Speaker / Participant at several Telecom Standards Development Society of India (TSDSI) meetings
  • Member of National Working Group 20, aiding the ITU SG20
  • Member of National Working Group 13, aiding the ITU SG13
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M2M/ IoT eSIM connectivity

Sensorise is a market leader in M2M/ IoT Services,  supplying end-to-end solutions in Remote and Lifecycle Management of  M2M SIMs and IoT Devices.
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