Role of IoT Connectivity in Smart Meters

SMART metering plays a vital role in addressing some of the fundamental issues related to distribution, load shedding, consumption, throughput etc. curbing the financial efficiencies of power segment, thus creating a regressive ripple effect across the power value chain.

India’s power distribution is vulnerable to untapped channels, causing huge financial losses and operational disruptions across the sector. Digitalization of power sector with Advanced Metering Infrastructure is critical and beneficial for the entire energy value chain for India’s sustainable growth and development.

Besides mitigating electricity thefts, wastage and losses to DISCOMs, SMART meters can advantageous to consumers to keep a check against inflated bills, boosts energy efficiency, responsible power consumption behavior, and importantly, saving energy in order to turn the whole system profitable.

Sensorise provides M2M connectivity to SMART meters, leveraging end-to-end IoT/ M2M solutions for factory ready connectivity and co-created innovation along lines of global standards. The security elements of the ESIM ensure security-by-design with the root of trust as global compliance. Capability of Sensorise M2M SIMs to provide multiple subscriptions on the same card, detecting network coverage loss and switching to the available subscription on card to ensure critical connectivity during network outages is a value add to meeting local connectivity requirements, and monitoring QoS in poor connectivity zones. These ESIMs are capable of Remote subscription management i.e. update/ add new subscription for QoS purposes. Potential connectivity issues are efficiently diagnosed with the help of proactive analytics and monitoring, which further guides intelligence to take necessary actions. Sensorise M2M connectivity is further supported by product lifecycle management tool. It is a single, online platform for choosing the connectivity and plans, managing the subscription lifecycle, certifying devices, managing devices, ingesting device and applications data and building value through applications, reporting and analytics, and much more.

Sensorise is the clear Indian market leader for provisioning mission critical, factory ready connectivity, remote management systems, data management, applications and regulatory/ sectorial compliance. With differentiated practice of certifying wireless modules and IoT devices, alongside its trade marked and proven QoSim and SenseLCM products, Sensorise has been the key driver of digital transformation across the segments, providing M2M services which are Telco, Technology and Device Agnostic.

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M2M/ IoT eSIM connectivity

Sensorise is a market leader in M2M/ IoT Services,  supplying end-to-end solutions in Remote and Lifecycle Management of  M2M SIMs and IoT Devices.
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