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The Sensorise QoSim® M2M SIM is a dedicated platform specifically designed for environments where standard plug-in SIM cards are not suitable, either for space, or for environmental reasons. The QoSim® M2M SIM is a solution that combines traditional smart card security with a more rugged form factor.

QoSim – MFF2 SIM Card

This SIM card has a specific form factor i.e. MFF2, which is a JDEC SON-8 intended to be soldered to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) in a M2M device and is of Automotive Grade. This document provides information about the physical and electrical characteristics of this form factor. Extended life operating system is a M2M specific operating system especially designed to maximize the lifespan of the memory chip, making it more resistant to stress (erase/write cycles) and allowing to have a very low failure rate.

In addition to the form factor the Sensorise QoSim® comes with advanced features such as

  • Multi operator profiles for maximizing the connectivity for mission critical use cases
  • Remote locking (and blocking) of the QoSim to a device
  • Remote diagnostic for tracing connectivity problems

QoSim® Package Feature

PackageSON-8 (UELP, QFN, DFN) according to JEDEC Publication 95 Design Guide 4.8 / ETSI TS 102 671 Rel-9 – MFF2 package layout
Dimensions6 x 5 mm
Operating Temperature-40°C to +105°C
Data Retention17 years at 85°C 10 years at 105°C
Memory Endurance500’000 cycle May be enhanced to 1 million plus R/E operations for frequently R/E memory areas by software algorithm
Available Memory128 kB or more
Operating Voltage1.62V – 5V (Support of Voltage classes A, B and C)
Electrical FeaturesISO7816
Automotive Grade ComplianceAECQ100 Rev H
ESG Protection>4KV HBM

Embedded Security

Authentication AlgorithmsComp-128 v3, Comp 128 v4, Milenage
Symmetric AlgorithmsDES, 3DES, AES
SW and HW counter measuresSingle power attacks (SPA) Differential power attacks (DPA) Fault attacks (FA)

Physical Features

Figure 1. Bottom View of the MFF2, pins as defined in ETSI TS 102.221
ParameterDescriptionDimensions (mm)
EThe package body dimension in the horizontal direction.6.00 ±0.15
DThe package body dimension in the vertical direction.5.00 ±0.15
LThe length of the contact as measured from the edge of the package.0.60 ±0.15
bThe width of the metallised contacts (including lead finish) exposed at the bottom surface of the package.0.40 ±0.10
E2The horizontal dimension of the exposed metal heat feature (exposed die pad).Min 3.30
D2The vertical dimension of the exposed metal heat feature (exposed die pad).Min 3,90
kThe gap between any contact and the heat feature.Min 0.20
eThe center line-to-center line spacing of the contacts.1.27


The logical definition of the contacts C1 to C8 shall be as defined in TS 102 221, see also section 4

TerminalETSI Contact NumberNameFunction
2C6NCNot Connected
3C7I/OSerial Data
4C8NCNot Connected
5C4NCNot Connected
6C3CLKExternal Clock Input
7C2RSTSystem Reset Input

Soldering Profile

Compliant with standard JEDEC J-STD-020C:

  • Package classification reflow temperature: 260°C
  • Lead free packaging compliant to the European Directive for Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS directive)
  • Moisture Sensitivity Level: 3
  • Floor Life Time: 168H 

Electrical Characteristics

The following subsections contains the required characteristics for further details see ETSI TS 102 221

Class A Operating Conditions

C2RSTVOHIOHmax = +20 uA0.7 x VCCVCCV
VOLIOHmax = -200 uA00.6V
tR tFCin = Cout= 30 pF400us
C3CLKVOHIOHmax = +20 uA0.7 x VCCVCCV
VOLIOHmax = -200 uA00.5V
tR tFCin = Cout= 30 pF9% of
with a
of 0,5 µs
C7I/OVIHIIHmax = ± 20 uA0.7 x VCCVCC + 0.3V
VILIILmax = + 1 mA-0.30.15 x VCCV
VOHIOHmax = + 20 uA3.8VCCV
VOLIOHmax = -1 mA01V
tR tFCin = Cout= 30 pF1s

Class B Operating Conditions

C2RSTVOHIOHmax = +20 uA0.8 x VCCVCCV
VOLIOHmax = -200 uA00.2 x VCCV
tR tFCin = Cout= 30 pF400us
C3CLKVOHIOHmax = +20 uA0.7 x VCCVCCV
VOLIOHmax = -20 uA00.2 x VCCV
tR tFCin = Cout= 30 pF400uS
C7I/OVIHIIHmax = ± 20 uA0.7 x VCCVCC + 0.3V
VILIILmax = + 1 mA-0.30.2 x VCCV
VOHIOHmax = + 20 uA0.7 x VCCVCC + 0.3V
VOLIOHmax = -1 mA00.4V
tR tFCin = Cout= 30 pF1us

Class C Operating Conditions

C2RSTVOHIOHmax = +20 uA0.8 x VCCVCCV
VOLIOHmax = -200 uA00.2 x VCCV
tR tFCin = Cout= 30 pF400us
C3CLKVOHIOHmax = +20 uA0.7 x VCCVCCV
VOLIOHmax = -20 uA00.2 x VCCV
tR tFCin = Cout= 30 pF50nS
C7I/OVIHIIHmax = ± 20 uA0.7 x VCCVCC + 0.3V
VILIILmax = + 1 mA-0.30.2 x VCCV
VOHIOHmax = + 20 uA0.7 x VCCVCCV
VOLIOHmax = -1 mA00.3V
tR tFCin = Cout= 30 pF100us


Sensorise delivers the QoSim® package in volumes using tape reel packing method, in either 1000 pieces or 3000 pieces per reel.

The shelf-life for dry-packed SMD packages shall be a minimum of 12 months from the bag seal date, when stored in a non-condensing atmospheric environment of <40 °C/90% RH.

For certain restricted requirements, Sensorise may be able to support packages in reel size of 100.

Part Number

The QoSim® Assure Dual SMD Automotive is given a part number 208DECxCZ.

The small x is an identifier that takes on values exemplified below:

x = I, when the chip is Infineon Make; Part Number 208DECICZ

x = S, when the chip is ST Microelectronics Make; Part Number 208DECICZ

Standards Compliance

ISO 7816 Parts 1&3Identification cards-Integrated circuit(s) cards with contacts, Part 1: Physical characteristics. Part 3: Electronic signals and transmission protocolsV2004
Java CardJava Card Virtual Machine SpecificationJC2.2.1
Global PlatformGlobal Platform Card SpecificationGP2.1.1
3GPP TS 23.040Technical realization of Short Message Service (SMS) Point-To-PointRelease 6
3GPP TS 23.041Technical realization of Short Message Service (SMS) Cell BroadcastRelease 6
3GPP TS 23.048Security Mechanisms for the SIM application toolkit; Stage 2V5.8.0
3GPP TS 31.101UICC-Terminal Interface; Physical and Logical CharacteristicsRelease 6
3GPP TS 31.102Characteristics of the USIM ApplicationRelease 6
3GPP TS 31.110Numbering system for telecommunication IC card applicationsV4.1.0
3GPP TS 31.111USIM Application Toolkit (USAT)Release 6
3GPP TS 31.115Secured packet structure for (U)SIM Toolkit applicationsRelease 6
3GPP TS 31.116Remote APDU Structure for (U)SIM Toolkit applicationsRelease 6
TS 31.130(U)SIM Application Programming Interface API; (U)SIM API for Java Card(TM) (ETSI 102.241 – UICC API)Release 6
3GPP TS 43.019Specification of the SIM Application Programming Interface For Java CardRelease 6
3GPP TS 51.011Specification of the Subscriber Identity Module – Mobile Equipment (SIM- ME) interfaceRelease 5
3GPP TS 51.013Test specification for Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Application Programming Interface (API) for Java Card™ V5.4.0
3GPP TS 51.014Specification of the SIM Application Toolkit for the Subscriber Identity Module – Mobile Equipment (SIM ME) interfaceV4.2.0
ETSI TS 102.127Transport protocol for CAT applications Stage 2V6.9.0
ETSI TS 102.220Integrated Circuit Cards (ICC) Numbering systemV6.5.0
ETSI TS 102.221Physical and logical characteristicsV8.2.0
ETSI TS 102.222Integrated Circuit Cards (ICC); Administrative commands for Telecommunications applicationsV6.11.0
ETSI TS 102.223Smart cards; Card Application Toolkit (CAT)V6.5.0
ETSI TS 102.225Secured Packet structure for UICC based applicationsV6.4.0
ETSI TS 102.226Remote APDU Structure for UICC based applicationsV6.8.0
ETSI TS 102.230Physical, Electrical and Logical tests Specification.V5.1.0
ETSI TS 102.241UICC Application Programming Interface for Java Card™V6.12.0
ETSI TS 102.267Connection Oriented Service API for Java CardV7.0.0
ETSI TS 102.268Test specification for UICC APIV6.0.0
ETSI TS 102.431Test specification for the Transport Protocol of CAT ApplicationsV7.0.0
ETSI TS 102.671Machine-to-machine UICC; Physical and logical characteristicsV9.0.0
ETSI TS 102.613UICC – Contactless Front-end (CLF) InterfaceV7.3.0
TEC/IR/WS/ESM-101/01/MAR-19Telecom Engineering Centre, Government of India, Embedded Subscriber Identity Module (ESIM) Interface RequirementDate 31st March 2019

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